Social Science Research Council Graduate Research Fellowship

Social Science Research Council Graduate Research Fellowship


The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) is a national scheme that aims to facilitate the engagement of outstanding early-career Singaporean social science and humanities researchers who have been accepted for their doctoral or postdoctoral training at leading overseas research or academic institutions. 

The SSRC GRF aims to forge strong professional networks with promising early-career Singaporean social science and humanities researchers. This broadened network of Singaporean researchers based both locally and abroad facilitates a rich exchange of ideas between local and international scholars that strengthens Singapore’s research capabilities. 

The SSRC GRF also aims to assist in the development of promising overseas-based early-career researchers with the provision of a small research grant and an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced researcher in the local Autonomous Universities (AUs). This will broaden the potential pipeline of Singaporean researchers who may eventually take up appointments within the local research ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applicants are as follows: 

a) Singapore citizens; 

b) Outstanding undergraduate academic record (at least a bachelor’s degree with second upper honours or equivalent); and 

c) Accepted for doctoral studies or postdoctoral training at a leading overseas academic or research institution. 

d) Applicants should not be recipients of other scholarships from the Singapore Government.

Terms of the SSRC GRF

The terms of the SSRC GRF are as follows:

a) Tenable for a period of two years;

b) Tenable for research in any social science and humanities discipline, although research on local issues of relevance is encouraged;

c) Two categories of award: (A) Up to SGD 10,000 per award for doctoral students and (B) SGD 20,000 per award for postdoctoral fellows. The award may be used for travel or other research-related expenses;

d) Awardees will be assigned a mentor who is an experienced researcher in local Autonomous Universities (AUs)1 based on their proposed area of research, who can provide access to valuable academic and career guidance;

e) Awardees will be required to return to Singapore at least once during the tenure of award to participate in engagement activities (e.g. research seminars) within the AU and with SSRC members; and

f) Awardees must comply with reporting requirements stipulated by the host AU. 

The SSRC GRF is bond-free, and host AUs are not obliged to hire GRF awardees as faculty members beyond the GRF tenure.

Prospective SSRC GRF awardees may only accept one GRF offer from one host AU at any point in time.

SSRC GRF recipients may reapply for a second award after the term of their first award has been completed. However, an individual will be limited to a maximum of 2 awards in total throughout their career (regardless of category). All applications for the GRF award will compete on an equal basis.


1The participating AUs are Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Technology & Design.


The call for applications will be made once a year. Applications should be submitted to the host AUs using the SSRC GRF application form available on the respective AUs’ webpages.


If you have questions, please email the SSRC Secretariat at